Since the establishment of Nichi-Iko Group in 1965, we have steadily developed our business to contribute to people’s health and quality of life by manufacturing high-quality, cost-effective pharmaceuticals.


In Japan, national healthcare expenditure has been increasing, leading the government in June 2015 to announce the aim of raising the uptake of generics to 70% by mid-2017 and to 80% as early as possible between 2018 and 2020.


Against this backdrop, we formulated Obelisk as our 7th Medium-term Business Plan for the three fiscal years from April 2016 through March 2019. With the confidence gained from our achievements under the previous plan, we intend to strengthen our business foundation by pursuing three core strategies—Power of Expansion, Power of Production, and Power of Development—with the vision of using our creativity to establish a commanding presence and expand in the global marketplace.  


Our mission is to provide value-added, high quality generic products which meet the needs of patients and their families, doctors, pharmacists, wholesalers and pharmaceutical companies in the global market as one of the most respected, well established generic companies in the world. In working to fulfil this mission, we seek to earn the trust and respect of all our stakeholders and to be the first choice for our customers.


More patient-friendly, more patient-choice, more high-quality. That is what we mean by Premium Quality. And Premium Quality underpins our commitment to becoming a global Top 10 leader in generic pharmaceuticals.


Yuichi Tamura

President and CEO